HID Lights

hid lights

We've sold motorcycle headlights for several models lately and WOW! They turned out awesome! Whether you are riding a Harley, Honda, Yamaha, BMW or other motorcycle - we can definitely hook you up!

We have also recently worked with some ATV owners. Take your off-road ride to the next level with our SMD lighting. T-Rex, Polaris, ATV, UTV ...whatever your choice - we have the lights you need to amp up your ride!

We seriously upped the attitude on some LIMOS with a wide variety of SMD and LED Lights. In addition to HID lights, we've got LED headlights for the front, LED tail lights for the back, and LED light bars for an awesome look.

New Products:

Flexible SMD Strip Lighting in several colors and sizes. One exciting use for our Flexible SMD strip lighting? Whips!! They look amazing! We have LED Lighted Whips for ATV, UTV & Sandrail Trucks! Available in 4 ft., 5 ft., and 6 ft. lengths in a variety of colors. We can even customize a special one with up to 3 different colors!

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