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HID stands for "High Intensity Discharge". Unlike older headlights, HID headlights (also known as Xenon Lights) do not have a filament that produces the beam of light. Instead, Xenon Gas inside the bulbs "heat's up" between the electrodes, turning white-hot and extremely bright almost instantaneously. HID lights first began appearing on luxury cars in the late 1990s and are becoming increasingly more common as standard equipment. HID lights provide better visibility at night, which helps to improve nighttime driving safety. They also consume 35% less power than their halogen counterparts and generate less heat, thereby reducing the load on the vehicle's electrical system.

The quality of light given off by HID Headlights is 3-5 times brighter than factory halogen bulbs, but they burn roughly half the amount of energy. This allows them to last much longer (up to 10 times longer!) so they rarely need replacement. The brilliant level of illumination and stylish coloring you see in HID Lights is a cross between an intense chemical reaction and cutting-edge innovation. Without a doubt, HID Headlights are the wave of the future!

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